Strong Against HCV

Strong Against HCV is an awareness campaign that combats Hepatitis C. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of the disease, to spread the power of optimism among patients living with HCV and to facilitate access to new effective and affordable medicines. Strong Against HCV is a signature campaign created by HCV-MP. Visit campaign site

Protecting the Environment

HCV-MP is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its products over their entire life cycle.
Efforts are focused in four strategic environmental impact areas:


We seek to reduce our global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by being more energy-efficient and using more renewable energy.

Water pollutants

We aim to generate no adverse effects on water quality and water depletion from our sites and products. We avoid potential related risks. We strive to conserve water in our operations.


We seek to establish closed material containers for our major materials and avoid adverse effects from waste disposal. We work to reduce and recycle waste before treatment. We do not dispose any hazardous materials to the land.

Sustainability Management

We work to work towards a sustainable supply chain and maintain high-quality environmental disclosure and reporting.

Health and Safety

As a priority to our business and a part of our sustainability strategy: We Provide safe and healthy work environment for our colleagues, contractors and visitors. Safeguard our workplace from potential hazards. Improve, maintain and manage our colleagues’ health and wellness.

Human Rights Statement

We are committed to support human rights principles and Rights at Work. We are investing in effective and sustainable health care delivery resources, and working with multilateral organizations, academic institutions and others to deliver medicines and services to those in need.