Hepatitis C Patient Quality of Life Survey

The Hepatitis C Patient Quality of Life Survey is constructed to assess the functional health and well-being of patients with Hepatitis C who have been prescribed and have been using our medications. Designed to help patients and clinicians monitor the effects of Hepatitis C and its treatment. Useful both for screening and for monitoring changes in disease and drug impact, intended for adults 18 years of age and older.




Phone Number

Are you living with Hepatitis C Virus?
Have you consulted your doctor or healthcare professional about your condition?
Do you have Chronic (Long-lasting) Hepatitis C?
Have you been diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis?
Have your doctor or healthcare professional prescribe any of our products for you?
How long have you been taking our medications through your prescribed treatment?
Have you skipped or interrupted doses for some time during treatment?
Have you been prescribed to combine our medicines with other medicines through your treatment?
Based on your doctor's or healthcare professional's reports, how do you rate the overall results of treatment by using our medications?
How do you rate the change in your Quality of Life after using our products through your treatment?

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